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Gifts – no waste ideology, ideas and logistic

If we want to save our planet, „no waste” ideology should guide us in every area of life, including weddings.

Have you ever thought of how many things are wasted at a wedding? And it’s not just about food, because it’s about the river. Such things are also missed gifts. Because not every guest comes with an envelope filled with cash. Still popular are gifts in kind. Especially among guests invited only to the ceremony. To avoid missed gifts, think about making a list of those you dream of. The list of gifts is not uncomfortable or brazen, but it is advisable. If the bride and groom have an idea that some guests will want to give gifts instead of cash, they should make sure they make a list. Or at least tell a trusted person what they need and what they need. History knows millions of missed gifts from stylish paintings to cutlery to seafood, which is undoubtedly an expensive and unique gift, but if a young couple disgust snails and oysters, it is rather useless.

Gifts small and large

The topic of gifts is also connected with logistics. It is important to remember that the bride and groom has to store them somewhere during the wedding and then take them home. If handing out takes place at the place of the wedding, it is not so problematic. But if the wishes take place just after the ceremony (and the majority of people can be invited to the wedding itself), you have to take into account the possibility of appearance of large dimensions (such as dinner service or x-ray equipment) in front of the office or church and predict a container, box, bag or container 😉 Especially when we know that instead of flowers is to appear wine or books (it still needs a few men to carry). It is not always possible to give gifts to young people on another day.

gift table stolik na prezenty

In some countries, a special table for gifts is traditionally placed in the wedding hall, where guests leave what they have brought with them. It is advisable for the bride and groom to at least have a look at the wedding and should thank all the guests. It would also be good if the table were in view, protecting the gifts from some „sticky hands” or if after an official inspection the gifts could be safely hidden.

When going to the wedding as a guest, let’s make sure that we give the right gifts, which will not be thrown out later, but will serve for years to come. When planning a wedding, we should take into account that there may be more of them.

ps. As far as gifts are concerned, Christmas is coming and we repeat last year’s offer of vouchers.

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